Nitro Cold Brew, Served on a Pourbox!

Nitro cold brew coffee has been slowly introduced to the public over the past 4 years and has evolved into an incredibly large market. To the tune of a billion dollar market.

Served via a stout faucet and propelled with Nitrogen Gas, the silky, rich, chocolatety coffee that has been steeped for up to 24 hours, is a labor of love. As the beverage flows through the stout tap and its restrictor disc, a texture is created unlike anything ever seen in the coffee world, similar to a Guinness some may relate.

With many brands to choose from, such as Stumptown and Iron Bound Cold Brew, every brewer does things a bit different beyond the scope of the ingredients use. Some are infused with higher PSI of Nitrogen, offering a frothier and silkier texture, to other serving over ice. Some offer cream or sugar, but by no means is the way it is mean to be enjoyed. Nitro cold brew is very complex, and as the craft brewers continue to develop, you can enjoy some with sweet flavors, others smokey and of course, those with a noticeable chocolate notes.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that Pourbox is a perfect marrage for serving Nitro Cold Brew. Unlike traditional Kegerators that use beverage grade tubing to transfer the beverage from the keg to your glass, Pourbox uses mainly 304 grade stainless steel to transfer the beverage with a short jumper made of beverage grade tubing. This may seem like a minor

Book your Pourbox today and enjoy Nitro Cold Brew on tap – virtually anywhere!

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