Putting an ‘our’ in every pour

Seriously, it was the first item / delivery / guest / beautiful sight on the day of our Fall wedding, considering I hadn’t seen my wife prior. The weather had been good to us, the setup was seamless and customer service, impeccable. I even asked Jamie and his colleague to share a toast with me — it could have been the nerves, maybe the sense of accomplishment — but rightfully so they denied, a labor of love is still considered work, legally. Yes, this testimonial is overdue, about a month. But it’s the memories that are lasting. My mantra at every occasion is “Good food, Good Company, and Good Libations” and every time I check off those boxes everything else falls into their rightful, pleasant and enjoyable place. Throughout all the planning that every couple is heavily involved in to make– we tend to lose sight of what we really want. Ours, was a DIY, there were specific points she wanted and we executed. And there was one point I especially wanted, something exceptionally different than a standard bar and the clattering of beer bottles. And so, with this vessel coupled with her coveted fire-pit and S’mores bar; we worked on these points and formed a star. Everyone gravitated towards it very shyly, something no one was familiar with, but once they figured it out it became an instant hit. It became the conversation during as well as after the wedding, it was the ice breaker for the coy, the mind blower for the beer connoisseur, my happiness next to my wife — there was an array of decisions to be made leading up to the event, there were the usual and there were the right ones, forging the union with my wife and choosing Pourbox definitely capitalized on the latter! What we had on tap: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, Dogfish Head 60 Min. IPA, and Blue Moon.  The wife is owed the credit because although we both looked, she searched in the right direction. Highly recommended!