Not Just a Beer Dispenser

When I found the Pourbox online, I thought I was just renting a cool beer dispenser for my wedding. This was absolutely true, it was the best beer dispenser ever.   Perfect pour, perfect temperature, everyone loved self-serve, etc.   That was great, but it wasn’t the best part of the product.  The best part of the product, is the service you get from all of the people that work there.  Jamie responds to everything…. Every email, every call…and usually within minutes.  He was great for advice on the event, what would work best, and made the Pourbox the most seamless part of our wedding (and we had a lot going on).  I thought service was over, once the event was finished…but little did I know. Eric was the technician sent out to take back the dispenser.   Not only was he the man, but he even helped me take back the kegs to the beer distributor, which was not part of the deal.  I’d seriously use these guys any chance that I have. I can’t say enough in this message to explain how great they were.