Commerical Use Benefits

Instantly Convert Your Seasonal Outdoor Space into a

Money Generating Beer Garden.

  • Setup and removal in under an hour, allowing bars, restaurants and catering halls to utilize their under-used space without the high cost of investing in and maintaining a permanent structure.
  • Increased draft beer selection for seasonal events.
  • Completely silent and self-contained.
  • Reduce cost by serving draft beer compared to bottle beer.
    • Draft beer yields up to 60% higher profit margins
    • Zero foam results in 15% increase in profits.  The limited waste that is generated gets collected and stored by our stainless steel drip tray.
    • Increase total revenue stream by $120/faucet.  (Based on $5.00 beer)

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Contact us  for more information or to set up a free trial to explore the ways Pourbox can help your establishment maximize it’s full potential.

Free Trial Request*


*Free Trial includes one day (24 hours) use of 4 Tap Pourbox, including delivery & setup fee.  Valid Federal EIN Number and major credit card required.  Pourbox reserves the right to verify the establishment and use prior to delivery.  Limited to one use per Federal EIN Number.  Pourbox is not itself, nor is it associated with, an alcohol distributor or beer manufacturer.  Pourbox is a beverage equipment manufacturer and rental company and does not have the authorization to sell or provide beer or any alcoholic spirits.  Pourbox reserves the right to cancel, modify or terminate the offer in the event of technical issues or malfunction, including any unauthorized tampering.  

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