PourBox Benefits

Pourbox does not require electric or refrigeration.  We use a flash chilling system that is guaranteed to provide a continuous flow of cold beer each and every pour.  Furthermore, the beer is delivered directly out of the system into the glass, never allowing it to change temperature, therefore dramatically reducing the possibility of foaming.  That means that you will receive a perfect pour, every single time.  Eliminating the need to ‘kick out’ beer from the line or wasting even a single drop.  Our method has proven to reduce the amount of wasted beer due to foam by over 15%.  When you combine that with the added value of purchasing beer in Keg form, you’re overall cost is reduced by more than 40%, in many cases, paying for or significantly reducing the overall cost of the rental.

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The Proof is in The Pour!

By not requiring electric or refrigeration we eliminate the need for a beer truck, gas generator and/or hazardous power cords.  Pourbox does not produce or emit any fumes or generate any heat.

Pourbox units are completely silent, so it will not interfere with conversations or compete with your music or entertainment.

It is 100% self-contained.  The kegs are safely locked inside and can not be accessed or tampered with by any unauthorized person.

Pourbox is not associated with a beer distributor or manufacturer, therefore there is no limit to the type/style of beer that our customers can put on tap.

The elimination of bottles and cans is better for the environment not to mention the value-added to the overall clean-up process.

The limited waste that is generated gets collected and stored by our stainless steel drip tray.

Each Pourbox has a specifically designed, unique drip tray, allowing the unit to serve as a fully functioning bar.

Pourbox units are designed to pour domestic, imported, craft and even home-brewed beers.

Pourbox units maintain the integrity of the beer through our unique cleaning process and temperature control to ensure that the beer consistently pours perfect and the flavor and characteristics are delivered the way the beer manufacturer intended it to be.

Our largest unit (8 Taps) takes up less space than an average sized sedan, our smallest unit (4 Taps) is light enough to be transported by hand.  They are completely self contained, do not require electric and therefore can be set up virtually anywhere.

For questions or more information, please Contact Us.

Great Idea

Awesome job! Great, innovative product and great service to go along with it. Made my beer dispensing so much easier for my staff. Going to use it for any other large event! …

Mike Viola
Boar's Head

Must have!

We contacted Eric and Jamie about renting a pourbox for our engagement party about 2 months prior to the event and they were extremely helpful in explaining the process to rent a pourbox. We booked the “tailgater” which is a 16 tap unit so we could have some variety. On the day of the party …

Antonia Ofmani

Major Hit

Great job by these folks. Major hit at our wedding last …

James Schmitt

Wayne Hills Football Father/Coach Social

We thoroughly enjoyed our event thanks to Pourbox. It’s was so nice being able to provide a variety of cold beers and best of all, not having any worries about enough ice, foaming/waste, wet surroundings, etc. As an event organizer, I was really able to enjoy myself not having to worry about troubleshooting the beer …

Dave Kuhnlein
Wayne Hills Football Booster Club

Homebrew Wedding for the Ages

For a year leading up to my wedding my wife, my two brewing partners, and myself planned and executed the logistically challenging task of brewing 16 different beers for our guests to enjoy. Some of these were aged beers one of which we had in a French oak barrel. With all this beer we obviously …

Tim Besecker

Great party!

I got a Pourbox for my husband’s surprise 40th beerfest. The experience was great from start to finish-great customer service before, during and after the event, Jamie even made sure to contact me when it was convenient for me, and my husband was out of earshot. Drop-off and pick-up were timely, everything was set up …

Christina Keating

Salvation in the Pourbox

I’m going to use Pourbox for every event I have. You guys keep is simple and make it easy for us to get on with the show. …

Rob Staats
Brew Experience

Pourbox = Perfection

Pourbox is an amazing feature to have at any event. The staff was friendly, professional and setup was quick and easy. The beer came out at the perfect temperature every time. My residents loved the look of it. It really created an amazing time. I will definitely be using Pourbox at all my events. …

Danielle Spera


We rented the original 8 tap beer truck for our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. WOW – it was such a huge success. Everyone love it and couldn’t get enough of the beer we had on tap. We had the wedding on our property which spanned over three days (rehearsal dinner, wedding day, brunch next day) …

Janie Szot

Putting an ‘our’ in every pour

Seriously, it was the first item / delivery / guest / beautiful sight on the day of our Fall wedding, considering I hadn’t seen my wife prior. The weather had been good to us, the setup was seamless and customer service, impeccable. I even asked Jamie and his colleague to share a toast with me …

Neil Nolasco

Kelly & Tim Wedding

The Pourbox at our wedding was EXCELLENT! Thank you, Kelly & …

Kelly Morse

Saint Patrick/Saint Joseph Celebration

Customer service and price was Excellent. The Pourbox truck was quiet and easy to dispense beer. Would only use this company for future …

Geralyn Rodano
Trinity Academy

Engagement Party

Thanks so much guys – you made this whole experience super hassle-free. My sister and future BIL were so surprised to have a Pourbox show up at their engagement …

Caitlin Steeves

Not Just a Beer Dispenser

When I found the Pourbox online, I thought I was just renting a cool beer dispenser for my wedding. This was absolutely true, it was the best beer dispenser ever.   Perfect pour, perfect temperature, everyone loved self-serve, etc.   That was great, but it wasn’t the best part of the product.  The best part of the …

John Quaile

Perfect Jersey Shore Beach wedding!

For our daughters “casual” Jersey shore wedding, we couldn’t have a better choice than Jamie and POURBOX. As it turns out, there’s a lot of work that goes in to a “simple” wedding and Pourbox was one of the best decisions that we made. From first phone call to pick up, Jamie made everything easy. …